Ice Defense Pro Series

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Ice defense puts a new level of comfort and convenience to
ice fishing. This product is engineered to give peace of mind when it comes to
frozen lines and constant ice build-up around the hole. No matter if you are a
novice or a pro, Ice  Defense is designed to help you catch more fish
without the hassle of losing the big one.

Our patented technology pulls the warmer water up
from below the water surface and expels it at the water surface actively melting any ice, snow, or slush in your ice hole. The Ice Defense keeps
the holes open past -20 degrees.

Pro Series Features:

  • Mounts
    directly to any 12 volt sonar/flasher or camera systems available,
    Including a direct connection to the systems battery supply.
  • Controllability
    – water flow control to stand up against Mother Nature’s worst hard water
  • Quickly
    connects to transducer line for portability
    and convenience.
  • Draws
    minimal battery power to keep you on the
    ice longer. 2 milliamp draw per hour.
  • Sleek
    design to pair and store with any system.
  • Use
    primarily for active hole hopping or bucket style fishing.
  • Wheel
    houses / permanent shanty’s benefit too.


  • Quick
    Connect Battery Terminal Adapter
  • Multi-Connect
    Terminal Fasteners
  • Quick
    Connect Transducer Line Clip
  • Universal
    Velcro Strap
  • Nylon
    Carrying Case
  • Cold
    Nation Decal


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