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Hot Hole – Ice Hole Maintainer & Illuminator

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50 in stock

50 in stock

50 in stock

The Hot Hole is a great addition to any hard-sided wheel or skid house. This unit provides air flow toward your hole to fight freezing. They are great for those pesky “Problem Holes” or over every hole. These also promote air movement throughout your house and help keep your floor dry.


The Hot Hole replaces the existing hole light, or it can be added to any hard sided fish house. The Hot Hole is molded from ABS plastic and is fitted with a fan and light directed at your fishing hole. The design of the Hot Hole is simple, it redirects the warmer air a foot above the floor down into the hole sleeve to help fight re-freezing. An attached LED light strip provides illumination to monitor your hole. The fan and light functions are switched independently, and the unit is fused for the safety of your electrical system. The Hot Hole is powered by 12vdc.  Mounting screws, electrical connectors and a spare fuse are included. 

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