BurtecIce Insulated Magnetic Frame Wrap



Out of stock

Out of stock


**All frame wraps have a standard height of 8″. Depending on your frame height, these are easily adjustable when using blocks or no blocks.

**If you have a Sure Step measurements will be required. Please contact us. 

**8 1/2 wide wheel house frame wraps are available upon request. Please contact before ordering. 


Forget about the back breaking task of banking your wheel house. The Burtec Insulated Magnetic Frame Wrap is easy on, easy off. This Insulated magnetic frame wrap eliminates the need for banking your house, and can be applied and removed within seconds. The frame wrap stows away very compactly, and is made from the same 100% waterproof ballistic nylon that our original wheel skirts are constructed from! If ice happens to develop around the frame wrap, don’t worry! These wraps are exceptionally durable, and with very little effort, you’ll be able to free your frame wrap and be on your way.

***Current Shipping Estimate is 4-5 weeks***

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